Why You Should Hire a Full-Service Design Company

When you hire An Affair To Remember for your wedding or special event, you get award-winning floral design, specialty decor rentals, and an experienced design team all rolled into one. Dedicated to seeing your vision come to life from the initial design to the execution and the break down day-of, there are some pretty sweet perks when hiring a full-service design team. Let’s run over a few. 

Wedding Service Company

Everything under one roof 

When coordinating a large event or wedding, streamlining the number of vendors and contracts to manage is a huge plus. From personal flowers and ceremony decor to everything you need for the reception, having one vendor focus on the details ensures everything will be executed to your vision. It also only enables you to have smooth, direct communication with a single vendor leading up to your day.  

Cohesive + thoughtful design

We focus on the big picture. Starting with an in-depth one-on-one consultation, we take our time getting to know you, your style, and your vision for the day. At length, we discuss not only the flowers and decor, but also take into consideration the space and other vendors that may be contributing to the design, and overall vibe. From there, we create a custom design, that’s cohesive and all-encompassing. Having a team that understands you and is as focused on the end result as you are, is invaluable.

Consultation Process

We’re team players! 

We love roping in our vendor friends! We know how critical elements like furniture, lighting, and stationary play into the overall design. We discuss these features at length and are happy to connect our vendors and streamline the contract process. We’ll gather quotes and do the legwork for you to ensure the overall design stays cohesive and on vision. 

Visual experience

Our clients always tell us, “I’m such a visual person!”. Well, so are we! We bring your Pinterest board to life with a visual of how the event elements will fit together right during your consultation. You’ll leave with a tangible design and feel like a weight has been lifted. 

Unique and specialty decor 

We pride ourselves on offering unique statement pieces that will fit with any event, no matter the style. From boho-chic to garden florals, we can execute any design.

Wall of decor

Think outside the box 

The AATR team is creative and passionate, and we love to think outside the box! We can provide unique features and installations that go beyond the tablescape and make your wedding unforgettable. 

We’re like fairies in the night!

Trust me, you don’t want to break down and pack up all your decor at midnight. Our team will come back, help you take flowers home, break down all the decor, and pack it all up. We’re like little fairies that day. You enjoy the day and walk into a beautiful wedding, be wowed, and focus on celebrating. And when the clock strikes midnight, we’ll appear and take care of the dirty work allowing you to head to the after party! 

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