How to Choose Specialty Linens

Today we are diving into one of my favorite topics— linens! While linens may not be the “star” of the wedding scene in the way that florals are, they play an important role in creating an awe-inspiring and cohesive design. Because they provide the biggest surface area to work with,  they can serve as a canvas to highlight other important aspects of your decor. 

Consider linens as the foundation for your table. Upon them, you will build your place settings, menu cards, glassware, and beautiful centerpieces. Your guests will gather around them to feast and socialize, and they will provide the visual color palette for a large portion of your event space. Linens truly are the heart of any design!

speciality linens

At An Affair to Remember, we spend a lot of time thinking (and dreaming) over specialty linens, and we just had to share some of our favorite tips with you. 

Pairing Linens  

We are big fans of pairing different linens together! As long as you stick within a complementary color palette, pairing linens is a great way to add texture and intrigue to your tables. Watch the video below to hear how AATR Owner and Principal Designer Jody Cox creates a gorgeous linen set using ivory, cream, gold, and champagne linens. 

Adding Color 

While white and neutral colors can certainly create a beautiful and elegant tablescape, don’t be afraid of colored linens! That pop of color from a tablecloth or napkin can help tie into other accents throughout the event such as the florals, invitations, or even the bow-ties! 

colored linens
sparkle linens

Accentuating Key Details

Linens can help create a clear distinction across a space and can be useful for creating more depth to a design. Consider using different linens to highlight the head table from the banquet tables or the food and desert areas.

Head table linens

Tieing a Design Together 

Make sure to consider your linen choices within the context of your flowers, decor, and overall event theme. Even the best linens underneath the wrong tableware can distract from an event. That’s why working with a full-service design company makes all of the difference in ensuring every detail works together seamlessly! At the earliest stages of planning, we will envision how your linens, florals, place settings, and centerpieces create a cohesive design.

wedding linens

We would love to talk to you about our design services, but we do rent linens to clients, planners, caterers and more! To see all of our specialty linens, click here.